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Den Administration

Accurate record keeping is important to good den management. We recognize the boys' advancement based on these records. Records also show which boys are attending regularly and are eligible for attendance awards. Poor attendance alerts the den leader to potential problems in the den program.
Once the pack committee has identified the pack's program needs, it must determine where to obtain the money to support those needs. Most of the pack's income is from den dues. Each boy pays a small amount at the weekly den meetings. Your pack may choose to supplement this with pack money-earning projects. We encourage the boys to earn the money for their weekly does. This gives them experience in earning and handling money and teaches them responsibility. it shows them that saving small amounts regularly will grow into benefits they can all enjoy. Den leaders should guard against looking at this task as a time-consuming nuisance.

Den leaders need to know how to share responsibilities with the members of the den leadership team. Each team member needs to know what we expect from them and what they may expect from the others.