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WRITTEN BY:  Jason & Ryan, Bear Den 1

It was a beautiful day in the morning to be outside and havin'
fun!  We looked and looked for our Pack.  Finally we found everybody.
First we ate Garbage Can Soup.  It was very good and hot.  Everyone
brought a can to put in the pot.
      Then we went sledding on a pretty steep sand dune.  We had to be
careful not to run into the trees.  Next we took on the obstacle
course.  At the end we dove head-first into a tube, & slid down the
hill.  It was a great work out. Then we ate lunch.  Had some hot dogs,
chips, and pop.

After fueling up we headed out for some snow soccer. We had lots of fun!

Then we did 4-way tug of war.  Our team won part of the time!

Next we threw tennis balls at tin cans.  This was hard to do, but we
kept throwing anyway.

When the event was over the Bear Den (Jason, Ryan, and Desty) and
our Dads took a hike on the icebergs on Lake Michigan.  It was awesome!
Like we were on an uncharted planet.  Jason's Dad fell through the ice
and got his boot wet.
This is very dangerous so Scouts don't go out on ice unless you are supervised by an adult!) Then we went home. "Pack 3030 joined over 600 participants in this year's Winterfest. "Scouts & Dads" attending from our pack were Derek & Chad, Desty & Desty, Jason & Larry, Steve & Bruce, Todd & David, Ryan & Dave, Ethan, Wesley & Jeff ."