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What is Tiger Cubs BSA?

In the early 1980's, as part of the Foundations for Growth study,a survey was developed to find out if and how Scouting could meet the abilities, needs, and desires of 7 year old boys and their families. The boys wanted to have fun, with other boys and with their parents. The parents wanted a program in which they could work directly with their sons, exposing them to a variety of experiences. The parents also wanted simplicity and a meeting pattern - once or twice a month - that would fit into a busy schedule.

A group of Cub Scouters and educators gathered the survey results and data from pilot programs to design a program that matches the desires found in the survey with the developmental needs of boys in this age group. Tiger Cubs BSA was field tested and approved, and officially became a part of the Boy Scouts of America.

Over the years, parts of the programs's structure have evolved, but the basic elements have remained the same: Tiger Cubs BSA is a simple and fun program for first grade boys and their families.

Tiger Cubs will introduce boys and their adult partners to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they "Search, Discover and Share" together.







Tiger Cub Cycle

Tiger Cubs follow a school year cycle. Boys and their adult partners join Tiger Cubs BSA at the beginning of the first grade school year and remain in the program until the completion of the first gradE. At that time, They Graduate into Cub Scouting and are eligible to participate in Cub Scout summer activities, including Cub Scout Day Camp.








1. Getting to Know You

Purpose: To provide a fun time for all Tiger Cubs and adults to get to know one another at the first Tiger Cub group meeting. Also, to provide a meeting format as an example of one way a future meeting can be run.






2. Family Entertainment

Purpose: To have fun together and in this way to help bring family closer together.






3. Discover Nature and Energy

Purpose: To develop in your child an appreciation of the world around him, and an awe for its Creator. Also it will provide the basis for several hobbies and interests that may extend into the future. Perhaps most important, you are given the opportunity through this big idea to reinforce your own values about environment, energy, and even spirituality.






4. Prepare for Emergencies

Purpose: This activity is designed to equip the child to deal with an emergency when there is no adult present. There are activities that will help him help others. In the expanding world of a first-grade boy, there are times that he is not under the immediate protection of a parent of other adult family member. His knowledge of emergency procedures will strengthen his self-esteem and self-confidence. In this big idea, you can discuss with your son how to react to strangers and persons whose motives are either not known or are unacceptable.






5. Know Your Family

Purpose: Gives you a chance to explore your family's heritage, background, and structure. But it also gives you an opportunity to express to one another what makes you feel good - what makes you feel bad - all of you. It also aids in his understanding of other family members and their feelings.






6. Know Your Community

Purpose: One of the underlying purposes of the Boys Scouts of America is to develop responsible citizenship in boys. This begins with an understanding of their community. As you explore your community with your boy and your Tiger Cub group, you will be giving your boy and others a better understanding of the environment in which they live. Boys will develop a deeper appreciation of their community and how it works.






7. Helping Others

Purpose: Helping others should be part of anyone's life, not only because it makes for a better world, but also because it gives good feelings to both the helper and the one being helped. Giving your boy a chance to help others enables him to learn that it is an important part of his life both now and in the future. It also lets him learn that helping others can be fun and rewarding. Helping others as a family or as a group makes the experience all the more fun
and rewarding.






8. Go See It

Purpose: This big idea gives you and your boy a chance to enjoy all the special places and activities in your area. Seeing these things as a family makes for enjoyable times for all. It allows your family to have fun together, and grow together as well. GO SEE IT!






9. Getting There

Purpose: Transportation is a big part of everyone's lives. We travel to work, we travel on vacations. This big idea lets you and your Tiger Cub explore some of the many ways man travels from one place to another. As your boy learns about transportation, you can take the opportunity to explain how important it is to be on time, to be courteous to others. You can also plan activities that will help to make your family trips pleasant experiences for everyone.






10. Something Special, All Your Own

Purpose: This is your own big idea. Pick whatever big idea your group wants. Let the boys play as big a part in this as the adults. Make it fun for everyone. Let your imagination suggest whatever it wants to. Make it the group and family happening of the year. What's important is that the boys and adults plan the big idea together. That way it belongs to you and your group. Come up with family activities and group activities, too.






11. Making Your Family Special

Purpose: To help you and your boy explore the things that make your family unique, special, one of a kind. Take the opportunity to let everyone talk about those things that strengthen the family. It will help everyone develop more of a sense of belonging and pride. And the goal of this big idea is to make family bonds stronger.






12. Make Your Own

Purpose: To help your boy develop a sense of pride and satisfaction by making all kinds of things. This big idea also will help him develop patience, perseverance, and initiative.






13. Caring For Your Home and Household

Purpose: Learning what is required to keep a home neat and clean is important for a first-grader. Part of the goal of this big idea is to help your boy realize that if everyone does his part to keep the home clean, neat, and fixed up it will be a happier place to live. In addition, some of the activities in this big idea are designed to give your boy a greater appreciation of all things that others do to keep the home in good shape. Lastly, an objective of this big idea is to help your boy learn to follow directions.






14. Family Games, Tricks and Puzzles

Purpose: Part of the goal of this big idea is to have boys learn to become both good winners and good losers as well. In addition, this big idea will teach them how to play by the rules and how to follow instructions. It also holds the opportunity for boys to develop patience as they work to solve a puzzle or invent a new game.






15. Fitness and Sports

Purpose: Sport and physical fitness activities, even calisthenics, can be fun. Naturally, though these activities do more than just provide fun. They can make family members healthier as well as bring families closer together. Learning new sports can help give a boy more self-confidence and self- esteem. And if good sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized, the boy will learn some important things that extend far beyond sports. But let's not forget what was said at the beginning. More than anything else sports and other physical fitness activities can spell fun for the whole family.






16. Tell It Like It Is

Purpose: Communication is a big word to a first-grade boy, but it is an important one. This big idea lets the boy learn some of the many ways people communicate with each other. It also has the goal of letting him learn how to communicate better with those around him. The activities are designed to make it fun and interesting.






17. Cub Scouting, Here We Come!

Purpose: Tiger Cub groups are affiliated with a Cub Scout pack, and both the Cub Scouts and the adults who run the Cub Scout Pack are looking forward to having your boys join the pack after their time as Tiger Cubs. Cub Scouting will build on what your boy is learning and discovering as Tiger Cubs, BSA. This big idea will be carried out by the boy and his partner, the den, and the pack. The Tiger graduates to a Wolf den in an impressive ceremony led by the Cubmaster. The adult partner removes the Tiger's orange neckerchief and presents him with the yellow neckerchief of the Wolf Cub. The new Cub Scout is then ready to start down the Bobcat trail!



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