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Native American Games


Bead Chase -Supplies:  String, 2 beads.
Thread two beads onto a long closed string circle.  The tribe stands around the
string with both hands on the string.  One brave is selected to stand in the
circle and find either bead (members of the circle hide the beads in their
hands).  The object is for the group to move the beads continuously around the circle without being detected.  When the Brave in the middle guesses
correctly who has the bead, the person with the bead is now "it".

Mystery Ball-Supplies:  Ball.
Divide Indians into two lines facing each other.  One line passes a ball behind
their backs.  After the passing stops, Indians in the other line take turns
guessing who is holding the ball.  Guess until the ball is found.  Winner is
the line with the minimum guesses.

The Cookie Machine
-Supplies: a group of little indians & big braves.
Big Braves stand in two lines and face each other.  Each little Indian is
placed one at a time in the arms of the Big Braves.  Little Indian is then
baked into the "cookie" of his choice by being passed down the line of Big
Braves (flipped, tossed, shaken, thrown into the air).

String Threading Relay
-Supplies:  2 long pieces of string.
Divide tribe into 2 groups.  have teams thread string through first players
shirt and out pants leg, then next player does the same.  Play continues until
all team members are threaded together.  first team completely threaded wins.