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Local Links And Fun Things to Do In And Around Holland

DeGraaf Nature Center

Herrick District Library

The Holland Museum

Holland Public Schools

2000 Tulip Time Web Site

Holland Recreation - Spring & Summer Bulletin

Windmill Island

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Michigan International Camporee



Scouting Greeting Card

Scouting E-Cards

Links to Learn

The Cub Slide Show

Cub Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Maker

Magic Tricks!

Codes for Scouts and Cubs



Choose your game of trivia! 

Four types of games to choose from : Entertainment, general trivia, sports trivia, and soccer. Live online games offer a chance to win cash and prizes such as a new IBM Aptiva and more. Once you follow the link and sign up, you can play Mental State, CBS Sports Line Team Trivia, Puzzle A-Go-Go Phrase Game, General Trivia with Cosmo Conundrum, Picture This , and Trivia Blitz. Live chat, cash prizes, puzzle of the day, and all free downloads. This was the most fun I have had on the net for a while! No kidding...


Adages, Cryptograms, Intelligence Tests, Puzzles & Contests 

Puzzles, puzzles & more puzzles! All free.


Tired of wasting time waiting on search engines? Follow this link to get free software that will find sites for you WHILE you surf. Click here for your FREE surf engine


America's Most Wanted 

Active cases, fugitives, pics, etc.


Center for the Easily Amused 

Neat place to waste time


Explore the Maze presents an all-new maze to explore. It's loaded with surprises and PRIZES! The maze grows and changes all the time - come on in...if you DARE!


Family Point 

Get a free web site for your whole family to post notes and reminders, keep those that are out of town up to date, share pictures, and more. Very easy to use, and the whole family gets to participate.


Federal Bureau of Investigations 

The ten most wanted, missing persons, etc.


Free Daily Brain Teaser by E-mail 

Sign up here! Its FREE!


Found Money

See if you have money waiting for you! Sources include old bank deposits, stocks and bonds, dividends, refunds from taxes, insurance, utility deposits, mortgages, and many other valuable assets.


Gallery of Unusual Patents


Horror News 

What's new and scary in the movies...


Intelligent Humor Page 

A collection of witty and hilarious jokes and stories and the most popular books of humor and jokes


Interactive Crossword Puzzles 

Brought to you by the Philadelphia News. Puzzles on-line


Keirsey's Personality Test 

Find out what personality type you have


Kelly's Book

How much is that car worth, anyway? Free list values


Mad Trivia 

Play Mad Trivia for cash and prizes


Map Quest 

Will draw a map for you from any two points with distance and shortest route


Math Games  

Play math games and win money! Choose from one of three entertaining math games, or play them all. License Plate Math is the most popular game, and it's a game that can also be played while on the road.


Message in a Bottle

Place a message in the virtual bottle and send it on its way. You'll get a message in return from someone else that has thrown a bottle. Also, a bottle page for kids.

Most Wanted 

United States and International listings


News of the Weird 

Column by Chuck Shepherd. Weird stories from the news. Neat reading


Nerd Test 

This test will give you your official nerd score


On-line Frog Dissection is the top source for breaking science, health and environmental news. They also offer message boards, real time chat rooms, live events, weather and more


Strange but True 

Collection of strange but true facts about giant slugs, ancient Egyptions, strange names, and more.

Strange News 

What in the world is going on?


The Fortune Telling Game 

This simply requires that you fill in a few blanks, and it tells you about yourself. I've had a lot of fun sharing this one with people, and it usually tells the truth.


The I-tools Research Page

Identify anagrams, find rhyming words, geographical tools, reference library, universal translator, more. Really neat site.


The Kook's Museum 

Need I say more? <G>


The Music Box 

New page with artist's home pages.


The National U.F.O Reporting Center


The U.F.O. Mind 

Dedicated to the unexplained.. from Bigfoot to Roswell.


The Weather Channel 

See what's in the forecast.. good start page for your browser.


This is True 

More weird news from all over. Will deliver by email. Funny

Traditional IQ Tests on the Web 


Many different on-line IQ tests, including a sample test for Mensa. Great place to go to feel stupid. He he.