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Cubs are just kids, and most parents aren’t Davey Crockett, so a little help can go a long way when you pass along Cub Camping information to your Pack. These are tips that have been passed along from many years of camping with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Parents who don’t have a clue...... I hope this helps.

Have any good camping tips?
E-mail me with them and we will include them here
Happy Camping.

General Comments:

1. Prepare for temperatures 20 degrees colder than the TV weatherman says.

2. Prepare for rain. This is an outdoor event. When it rains, you get wet, period.

3. Take some snacks & drinks. If your son is a picky eater, he may not like what’s on the menu.

4. It is recommended that Cubs DO NOT CARRY KNIVES. Adults and Boy Scouts that have earned their “Totin’ Chip” may carry pocket knives. Folding blade. NO SHEATH KNIVES of any kind. NO HATCHETS. There will be no events that require a knife.

5. Do not cut down any live wood. Deadfall may be gathered. Adults may use a bow saw, but they must be a minimum of ten feet away from anyone else.

6. Campfires are OK as long as you abide by a few simple rules. Do not leave the campfire unattended. If no one will be there, put it out. Check with the Camp Ranger or Director about fire safety rules. A full water bucket has always been required when starting a fire. Not only to put out the fire, but if a spark floats onto a tent, it will burn quickly. No Fire in Tents! Do not walk into the tent with a burning stick. Sounds dumb to say it, but it happens.

7. Cubs are not allowed to start fires. Adults, or Boy Scouts with a “Fireman Chit” only.

8. Cubs are not allowed to play with the fire. Do not poke sticks into the fire, most typical burns at a campout is a boy with a long stick thats burning on one end, and he’s not the one that gets burned. Roast marshmallows, cook foil dinners, get warm. No playing.

9. Cub Weekends are different than Webelos camping with a Boy Scout Troop. These tips are targeted at Cub Weekends. More equipment and preparation will probably be needed for camping with a Troop. Talk to the Scoutmaster about what to bring, and what to prepare for.

10. This is nature, do not break branches or plants, leave it nicer than you found it.

11. This is Cub / Parent (or adult guardian). Each boy must have an adult with him. If a parent cannot go, the Cub Leader is not to take responsibility for that Cub.